Ruth Holloway's experience, background and training
Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy
with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TTouch
In addition to my therapeutic training, I have twenty years of experience in Community Education, Community Work and the Arts. I have particular and extensive experience of working in inclusive theatre and film, providing support and ensuring access for disabled professional artistes, community participants and trainees.

I have also worked within this context, with people from other marginalised groups such as BME, refugees, LGBT. I am therefore experienced in working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. My other roles in this capacity included mentoring, advocacy, and counselling.

I use a holistic person - centred approach utilising NLP and Hypnotherapy along with EFT and TTouch, combining energy and spiritual healing. This combination of therapies is very effective in assisting clients in dealing with relationship problems, bereavement, trauma, phobia, anxiety, abuse, weight loss, and addiction.

In fact, any issue which is preventing you from living life to the full. Clients gain/regain the self - belief, inner strength and understanding, to take control of their own destinies. I strongly believe that each individual deserves to love and cherish their life and to have the tools to develop their full potential, both for themselves and for the community around them.

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