Testimonial about Ruth Holloway
from Carl R Pidgeon
"In the second part of 2009 I spent some months with Ruth Holloway to see if her therapeutic techniques could help me in what have been two lifelong problems of mine. Despite the fact that I have had a career of some 50 years in the comparatively relaxed atmosphere of academe and research, giving countless lectures and tutorials to a very large number of students and colleagues, I have always suffered from what I might loosely refer to as fear of authority (mother, PhD supervisor, Head of Department, University Principal etc) and stage fright (particularly a dry mouth when giving public presentations and extreme nerves in stress situations, including even Medal rounds of golf!).

A combination of Ruth's methods has in both cases made a remarkable improvement for me in just a few months, and one session per week. Each session contained four main components: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), literally retraining/reprogramming the brain in real time with various visual, auditory, and kinesthetic exercises to overcome negative thoughts and feelings (including phobias) Emotional Freedom Technique, involving balancing the energy system and energy flow; ;TTouch - a touch/stroking therapy originally developed for horses, and other animals, subsequently found to be very beneficial in people; and ending with hypnotherapy, which embeds the desired changes in the unconscious mind. I understand this combination of techniques, particularly the connection of T Touch with NLP, is original and being pioneered by Ruth with great success.

To cite some specific examples in my own case which I believe are due in large part to my work with Ruth, I mention the following activities which occurred during and after my treatment in 2009. I delivered the eulogy and read a poem at the cremation service of a very old friend of mine at the request of his wife and daughter without stage fright or a dry mouth; similarly I conducted the cremation service, introducing the speakers and making the last speech myself, to celebrate the life of my 96 years old mother; I entered a collaborative project in optics on equal terms with my former boss and PhD thesis advisor; and finally I have played 2 Medal rounds of golf with far fewer nerves and without the necessity of a pre-tournament can of Carlsberg Special!"
Carl R Pidgeon, Emeritus Professor of Semiconductor Physics, Edinburgh

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