Testimonial about Ruth Holloway
from Jacqui Higgs
"I met with Ruth for a preliminary talk about aspects of NLP during a particularly difficult period of my life.

Upon approval of a time, place, and venue, we committed to approximately 3 weekly sessions over a period of 6 months.

The therapy, once commenced was particularly focused on bereavement issues, although Ruth introduced non - verbal techniques into the sessions;

These, I discovered were extremely healing and surprisingly joyful.

Perhaps, more succinctly, I was able to find a voice to express my deep distress and find courage to face what I had thought to be a very bleak future I saw ahead.

Once the sessions were drawing to an end, Ruth and I talked bout the benefits and changes that had occurred during our time together. I then felt able to enter into very specific bereavement counselling at 'Cruise', which I have now completed"
Jacqui Higgs, Art Therapist and Artist, Edinburgh

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