Testimonial about Ruth Holloway
from Lisa Fergie
"When we first met I was nervous but more importantly excited, knowing that for the first time in my adult life I was able to feel okay about doing something for "me". I wanted to deal with the dregs in my barrel. The thick, gooey sediment, 'anger' mainly. I hated the way 'it' manifested itself in my life.

So, why N.L.P.... Well, I'd previously done some cognitive work with my own G.P. which incorporated N.L.P so I wasn't afraid or sceptical. How naive of me, it was nothing like anything I'd ever experienced before. After my initial session I went home feeling protected, grounded, more calm, content, and more accepting of me, myself and I. It was the start of a fantastic and ever evolving process. My life journey, with me at the helm in full control. What a great way to start nurturing ones self.

From the sessions I have been equipped with a wonderful colourful metaphorical tool bag which has enabled my life to flourish, grow and develop. By treating myself to N.L.P I feel I'm taking more control over my own life in order to live it to the full.

I feel I've had massive results from the T touch during sessions. The very first time we did T touch I actually felt tingling and shifting as if my whole cellular self had been wakened after a long bad dream. Not far from the truth in some respects. I've lived with post traumatic stress for twenty years; N.L.P with Ruth Holloway has actually changed my life. I really must convey my sincere gratitude; our work together has proved really invaluable. Your professionalism made it possible. I thank you!!! I have a better healthier relationship with my daughter, partner and siblings. I'm much more self aware and accept all components of my unique self. I even unexpectedly shed a stone in weight. That is one of my best achievements in life! Accessing NLP has proved to be one of my best choices in my life. The journey has been made easier with Ruth being the facilitator. "
Lisa Fergie, Proprietor, Grass Roots Community Cafe Edinburgh

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