Testimonial about Ruth Holloway
from Poppy
"I first came to see Ruth with a view to finding my building blocks to creating confidence (so quite general in terms of intentions) I was, in fact looking for a solid grounding to enable myself to move forwards in joy and ease; and I was looking for something… some closure on all of the work I had been doing on myself over the years e.g. Alexander Technique, counselling, Pilates, yoga, meditation, kinesiology, dance, homeopathy, reflexology, to name but a few!

So quite specific then, but trying to find some missing piece of jigsaw. My NLP sessions with Ruth were indeed consolidatory in this respect, and with her intuitive and instinctive led methods of nurturing, is a wonderful blend.

It was like wafering through the layers to the very core of my most elusive issues requiring final recognition; and in this safe place, after 3 or 4 sessions, I holistically found exactly what I'd been searching for! My core, my very own special kind of Solid Rock, my friend whom I could lean on. Revelations and roots going deep into the ground from the Hara.

Ruth explained to me about the Hara, which literally means 'home'. I had understood aspects of my core from yoga and Pilates, but this was a wonderful moment of Eureka. Fabulous. Thanks Ruth for helping me recognise and reconnect. I've been rolling ever since! "
Poppy, Life Guard and Yoga Instructor, Edinburgh

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