Testimonial about Ruth Holloway
from Rosemarie McNee
"Ruth Holloway is highly skilled, experienced and most importantly very person centred in her approach to NLP. Ruth has her own unique style, inner peace and confidence about the work she does that immediately puts you at ease. I am fortunate to have met her and have benefited greatly both directly and indirectly from the experience.

My reasons for accessing NLP was to assist me in my own personal growth and development, I had however in the past had a number of bad experiences with alternative therapies so I was a little anxious and sceptical of trying something new. I was introduced to Ruth through my life partner whom I trust; otherwise I may never have even thought to explore this avenue of support.

I was quite nervous as I didn't have any knowledge of NLP other than what I had been told and I wasn't sure at all of what to expect.

On meeting Ruth all my worries, fears and doubts were put at ease. Ruth really listened to me and took the time to understand how she could assist me using NLP. She answered all my questions and explained everything. This really helped me and I left my initial meeting feeling confident about my first NLP session with her.

I underwent a number of NLP sessions with Ruth one of which included an unique TTouch technique that she offers and I found the entire process extremely rewarding and beneficial to me on a physical, and emotional level, it greatly helped my over all well being.

I, like many other people can find it hard to engage fully in processes of this nature as I have high expectations, Ruth didn't only meet she exceeded them.

To me Ruth demonstrates many of the qualities I require from a practitioner and I would highly recommend Ruth Holloway to anyone who was seeking to explore this style of therapy."
Rosemarie McNee Edinburgh

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