Testimonial about Ruth Holloway
from Sarah
"As soon as I walked into the room, I instantly felt relaxed and my (at the time), busy mind slowed down. I found the NLP session was just what I needed at the time, as I was quite exhausted, and needed somebody else to give me a bit of a boost, and Ruth certainly did that.

She used a combination of different methods to help me relax and ground myself again. In particular I found the t-touch therapy absolutely wonderful-it was like having my whole battery re-charged again when she used her hands over different parts of my body to help all my cells connect to each other again. It felt gentle and soothing, but at the same time - a bit like being washed over with gentle energy - producing brush, delicious!

I came away from the session feeling very relaxed, but at the same time invigorated and also use some of the techniques Ruth used in my own meditation practice. Thanks Ruth!
Sarah, Performer, Edinburgh

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